Meet the chairs/co-chairs of the 7th Annual BaliMUN conference



Min Seo (Judy) Kim, Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya - DISEC

Hello, my name is Kim Min Seo, but you can call me Judy. I am very glad to be participating in BaliMUN as the head chair, and the main chair in DISEC, and I am looking forward to see all of you on the day. I have been to five conferences previously, and I have enjoyed every little part of those conferences.

To some of you, MUN could only be an element that can go on your applications, but I think joining MUN is so much more than that. In my past experiences, I have discovered that MUN develops your communicating and social skills as well as debating and researching skills; most importantly, your ability to work with one another to produce one final resolution. 

As much as I enjoy participating in MUN, I hope every one of you who is joining, will have the most memorable and enjoyable time at BaliMUN. Good Luck

Warmest welcome from your head chair, Judy Kim


Jae Yon Lee, Bali Island School - sochum 

I would like to welcome all participants and guests to this year’s Bali MUN. My name is Jae Yeon Lee and I am a junior in Bali Island School. It is an honor to be able to serve as lead chair for SOCHUM committee. 

I have participated in MUN from grade 6 as a delegate. Since then, my passion for MUN has ignited. I enjoyed interacting with different students all around the world, collaborating with delegates to come up with creative solutions and coherent resolutions, and debating with respect and open-mindedness. These specific qualities only available in MUN led to me a total of seven conferences around Asia.

I am very certain, from my past experiences in Bali MUN and in other international conferences, that this year’s conference will bring an amazing experience both to myself and all delegates and participants. 

I promise that I will always try my best to create  professional and positive atmosphere in the SOCHUM committee and strive to bring the best debates and discussions. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you and having great debate sessions. 


HARRISON EDMAN, canggu community school - HRC 

Hello delegates, chairs and directors! Welcome to the 7th Bali Model United Nations! My name’s Harrison Francis Edman but please call me Harry. I’m currently in year 11 at Canggu Community School. I’ve been in Bali for five years but before that I was in Melbourne, Mumbai and Bangkok. This is my sixth MUN conference and I’m thrilled to be apart of this conference with you all! I will be lead chair of the Human Rights Committee (HRC) . I joined MUN due to several reasons. Firstly, these conferences build leadership, public speaking and social skills. You get to improve these skills by communicating and connecting in an effective yet formal way. Secondly, you’re able to meet new people who may turn out to be lifelong friends. Friendship is a key aspect of MUN that we strive for. I’ve met friends at previous conferences that I still talk to today. And lastly, experience. Schools, universities and businesses look at experience, not just results. MUN conferences on resumes jump out at people.





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Charles Kneipp, Bali Island School - DISEC 

Hello all! My name is Charles Kneipp and I have the amazing and wonderful opportunity to be able to serve as the Co-Chair of the Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC).

My MUN experience started off similar to how most teenagers start out trying things, getting pushed by friends. I was curious about MUN and I didn’t know exactly how it was. That’s when I decided that it would be an amazing experience to try doing MUN for the first time and needless to say, I loved it.

As I was already quite old when I first started, I immediately started off as a delegate. To me, the concept seemed easy. Make a few speeches, state my opinion on some topics and I’d be done. However, only after my first hour of doing MUN, I realized that it was nothing like how I imagined it to be. MUN has a beautiful complexity to it, a trait that makes it difficult, but an amazing and awarding difficult. I have to admit, I did make a few mistakes on my first day and started to panic. However, once you calm down and focus on your main objectives, it is easy to start to get the feel for it. Realizing all of this made my second MUN experience the time of my life. It just allows everybody to get mixed together, talk and discuss and just have a wonderful social experience.

All of this is why I want as many people to join MUN as I can. I want everybody to be able to feel all of that beauty that I felt in MUN and the amazing feeling of meeting new people and being able to just interact with so many people their. I can’t think of another way to replace or substitute that feeling and as a Co-Chair, I am going to try my absolute best to be able to give that experience I felt to all MUN-ers, new or old.

I hope that MUN is an amazing experience for all of you and treats you as well as it has treated me and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing discussions while I’m there! I’ll see you at the conference!

Chair photo Tarkyn.jpg

 Tarkyn Gavin, Canggu Community School  - SOCHUM 

Seeing as this will be my last BALIMUN conference I couldn't pass on the opportunity to co-chair for one of my all time favorite committees, SOCHUM. What a great achievement it was when I, in this very committee, passed a resolution fully endorsing the highly ethical practice of child soldier hood, in spite of the critics and onlookers claiming such practices to be "not good" and "quite evil actually". Good times were had by all. Such experiences taught me the virtues of standing tall and proud against the odds, no matter how great, because some ideas are sincerely worth fighting for. My only wish now as chair is to provide the conference I've grown up with and the delegates that will soon inherit it as great a platform for debate as I can.

Best of luck and remember, no personal pronouns.  

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Dinda Winkler, Bali Island School - HRC 

   Greetings! Welcome to all participants and guests of BaliMUN VII. My name is Dinda Winkler and I am honored to be able to attend this years conference as the Co-Chair of the Human Rights Council (HRC). 

       My MUN journey began just 4 years ago when I attended BaliMUN as a paige, after that conference, my interest for MUN had begun to grow. I started to enjoy listening and participating in debates as well as learning about different issues going on around the world. During my first debate, I was the really confused and shy delegate. However after a few more practices and experiences, I really enjoyed being in a conference room where I laughed till I cried or till I got angry at certain decisions made by other delegates, but at the end of the conferences, I felt proud of my accomplishments as a delegate. After gaining more experience, I had fun facing and solving new challenges as well as meeting new people during the different conferences. The fun qualities of MUN has lead to a total of 4 international experiences. 

       As having been part of the MUN community, I believe it has helped me grow. I believe that this year’s experience as being a Co-Chair will help me gain more knowledge about these conferences. I hope that this years conference will bring amazing and fun experiences for the participants, and within HRC, I promise to try my best to guide everyone to participating in meaningful discussions. It is my pleasure to be Co-Charing for the Human Rights Council in Bali MUN VII 2018. 

Hope to see you all very soon!


Andie Scherer, Dyatmika - SECURITY COUNCIL 

After a brief yet memorable couple of years at MUN, I thought nothing would be better than to co-chair the security council GA considering that it is my last year in Bali. What an amazing experience it was to witness the vast spectrum of resolutions from "feasible" ones to using "baby flesh as human shield" resolutions; but all in all, MUN is the best tool to amplify the knowledge us students learn in school and take that in essence to global and universal issues that should be elucidated and resolved. The debates held alongside the strongest delegates, working under the best chairs and co-chairs have made me realize that I'd like nothing more, and I'm honored to co-chair the security council GA this year. Cheers to the best MUN conference yet and delegates, please be present and voting!