BaliMUN 2018 Team

Meet the people behind this year's conference:


Maïlé Monteiro, CANGGU COMMUNITY SCHOOL - admin 

Greetings to all participants in this year's BaliMUN! I'm Maïlé, and I've had quite a bit of MUN experience, I was a delegate in BaliMUN VI and in THIMUN's Security Council last year. This year however, I wanted to experience MUN from a different perspective, which is why I'm a part of this year's MUN Organisational Team! I will mainly be taking care of the pages, but you will probably see me going around the conference to ensure everything's in place, don't hesitate to say hi!



Hi my name is Maria and I am Secretary General of this year's BaliMUN! It has been a pleasure to see how much MUN has grown throughout the years; Each conference has brought new challenges, and forced delegates to constantly step beyond their comfort level. It’s amazing to see how enthusiastically delegates take on the perspective of their country, without forgetting to include their own personal morals and beliefs on each issue. It is these individual perspectives that keep the conference alive, and incredibly entertaining. MUN connects you with others. It brings you to places you never would have gone otherwise, encourages you to experience other perspectives which enforces the valuable quality of open-mindedness; teaching you to have a global perspective. Along with the opportunities that it provides for you, MUN does a very important thing: It teaches you confidence and cooperation!



Hey all, my name's Leland and I'll be the tech support running around fixing people's devices etc. I hope that I help you during the conference, if you need it I'm the guy! Anyways, this is my first time attending a MUN conference and luckily I'm with people I know and hope to meet new people during the conference. See you there!


Nour Hajjar, CANGGU COMMUNITY SCHOOL - press team

My name is Nour and I am a part of the Press Team of BaliMUN at Canggu Community School. I will be in charge of bringing this experience into picture form. This will be my first MUN experience and I am very excited to be a part of the team. You will probably see me running around at the conference trying to get pictures of such an amazing event. 


Katya Davitashvili, CANGGU COMMUNITY SCHOOL - press team

A warm welcome to all the Bali MUN participants. My name is Katya and this is my first time joining MUN! I am very excited to be going on this experience with all of you as part of the MUN Organizational team!!! I am part of the press team and will be making loads of great photos of you guys during the conference :)


Katie Holmes & Maya wirastuti, CANGGU COMMUNITY SCHOOL

We, CCS MUN directors, are very delighted to welcome you all to BaliMUN VII this November. We do hope that all team members and participants of this annual event will get the best experience during the conference. Let's be the agents of change!

- Ms Holmes and Ms Maya